Faves is the favorite websites, images and videos I come by on my daily trip trough the internet. Hope you guys will enjoy these links.
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Workflow for Photo and Video
Photographer Chase Jarvis explaining their workflow for handling photos and videos.
Date: 26.06.10
Java 4-Ever Trailer
Funny trailer for a fake movie
Date: 26.06.10
Musicvideo about the relation of light, music and architetcture.
Date: 23.02.10
The Third & The Seventh
Incredible 3d short by Alex Roman
Date: 06.01.10
Artificial Paradise, Inc
experimental film
Date: 27.11.09
Polar Obsession
Amazing story from a national geographic photographer
Date: 13.11.09
SuperCar Challenge
Cinematics for the game SuperCar Challenge done by RealtimeUK
Date: 05.11.09
Kahn's Exeter Short Film
Beautifull short film created using 3dsmax and Vray
Date: 08.09.09
Jarosław Kubicki
Amazing illustrations by Jarosław Kubicki
Date: 08.09.09
Making of 'Milk'
'Making of Milk' demonstrates a rig for computer generated ocean and water waves used for the 'Milk' spot by Psyop.
Date: 20.07.09
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